Hands for brighter future

What We Do

LACEF FOUNDATION   is dedicated to educate primary school children and young adult especially young women  in the urban and rural area in the Gambia. We now sponsor 27 children aged between 2 and 16 from nursery, through primary to secondary education. We also sponsor 11 adult at vocational training school doing NVQ qualification course such as catering, carpentry and welding.

This is designed to relief poverty true the education system, lack of education have contribute a lot in the African poverty. LACEF FOUNDATION believes that the only way we can tackle the poverty in Africa is true education.

Many of these children face a life of desperation, poverty and exploitation through the illegal way to Europe by traffickers. However, thanks to the LACEF FOUNDATION with our hard working dedicated team, we are able to support some of the children to be in education, find a job and escape an endless cycle of poverty and desperation.

At the school, the students study science, mathematics, information technology, English, local languages, and social sciences. These will lead to brighter future, and creating opportunities to pursue professional careers within the local and global communities.

Please read on to find out more information and to discover ways you can help and get involved.